Past Events

Past Events

13 December 2010
Our fifth Christmas Dinner - with David MacKay describing the responses to his new book.

21 October 2010
The Energy Challenge from the perspective of Developing World Countries
In the UK, and the developed world generally, we look at the energy challenge often ignoring our history and without the additional challenges of poverty, lack of food and water, and with an already established innovation infrastructure.
More details here.

22 July 2010
New Government, New Energy Policy ?
We all wanted to know how the new government is going to re-prioritise the future energy programme in the UK.
More details here.

22 April 2010
Energy and Agriculture: Problem or Solution?
Thsi was about the the multiplicity of interactions between agriculture and energy, both as a large user of energy (and perhaps carbon emitter), and as a potentially large energy source.
More details here.

10 December 2009
Our fourth Christmas Dinner in Trinity Hall: a strong showing and wide discussion.

3 November 2009
Buildings: The UK Energy Problem
Between today and 2050, our energy supplies and our use of energy will change dramatically. Today's building stock is largely also tomorrows building stock: 21 million buildings in the UK will still be here in 2050. .
More details here.

14 May 2009
On the Rebound: could energy efficiency improvements backfire?"
The "Rebound Effect" is also known as the "Jevons Paradox" and it is the effect whereby increased energy efficiency can increase, not decrease, energy consumption. It has immediate political implications and is still widely misunderstood.
More details here.

31 March 2009
Reprise: The Energy Problems Debate: What is the Cambridge View?
An open meeting for wide discussion held in the Cambridge Union Society chamber. More details here.

9 December 2008
Our third Christmas Dinner in Trinity Hall was addressed by Andrew Haslett, Directory of Strategy at the Energy Technologies Institute.

18 November 2008
Microgeneration in Cambridge: an invited-only afternoon meeting
for groups in Cambridge developing or selling: domestic CHP, photovoltaics, wind turbines, regulations relating to such generation. fuel cells, generators attached to turbines, electronics to control such electricity generated. The invitees were largely people concerned with early product on- or about to be on-sale.

1 October 2008
The Energy Problems Debate: What is the Cambridge View?
An open meeting for wide discussion held in the Cambridge Union Society chamber. More details here. There was a continuing discussion on the wiki online (not available for Firefox3 users).

16 May 2008
Policies for Reducing Personal Carbon: Transport and Households
Domestic tradable carbon quotas and systemic fiscal reform were discussed in detail. More details here.

28 February 2008
'Energy and Aviation : Some plane truths'
A presentation on a light-weight electric airtcraft and the energy issues as seen by Marshall's Aerospace. More details here.

11 December 2007
Christmas Dinner 2007
Our second Christmas Dinner was held in Trinity Hall with our guest speaker Rt. Hon. Lord Howell of Guildford, former Secretary of State for Energy & Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Lords.

18 October 2007
'Carbon Offsets:Fix or Fig-leaf?'
A critical assessment of carbon offset schemes in theory and practice, with Fiona Harvey, Environment Correspondent for the Financial Times, Jeremy Nicholson of the Energy Intensive Users Group and Michael Schlup of The Gold Standard. More details here.

19 April 2007
'Energy [In]Security '
A regional approach to energy security with speakers from Chatham House, the DTI, and a speaker formerly of the French Institute of International Relations. More details here.

8 February 2007
'Transport and Energy Biofuels: Food or Fuel?'
Both the fuel efficiences of trains, planes and cars; and the practicalities of adapting agriculture to produce biofuels, turned out to be much more intractable than many attendees has expected or hoped. More details here.

12 December 2006
Our Christmas Dinner in Trinity Hall was addressed by David Howarth, lawyer and economist, Cambridge MP and Lib-Dem Energy spokesman.

1 December 2006
Our one-day conference on Sustainable Energy was held at the Cavendish Laboratory in conjunction with the Cambridge Philosophical Society. Nearly 250 people attended the whole day and there was a very high quality of questions and discussion throughout.

10 November 2006
We held on a discussion on the Stern Review on "The Economics of Climate Change". Dr.Chris Hope and Dr.Karsten Neuhoff explained what was significant about the Stern Review, and made concrete suggestions of what it implied for future action.

19 October 2006
'Financing Energy innovation'
A very full meeting with 5 speakers covering several topics in depth: how the European Carbon Trading scheme really is important for anyone starting out with an energy-related business.
We heard a comprehenisive story of how a low-carbon startup can be done: how D1 oils became Europe's largest biodiesel supplier in less than 3 years, including growing all their own Jatropha on their own plantations on three continents. More details and fully summary report here.

28 September 2006
'Decentralised Energy in the UK'
One-day first annual conference in conjunction with CUEN and the Cambridge Environmental Initiative. More details here.

14 July 2006
This breakfast meeting, introduced by Sir David King, with representatives from DEFRA and EdF, was 3 days after the publication of the UK Energy Review and provided real insights into the thinking behind the words. More details here.

28 June 2006
'Energy: How We Can Use Less'
This meeting on Demand-Side energy issues was a great success, with a new open discussion session at the same time as food and wine were served. More details here.

15 March 2006
'2050 Retrospective: The Peak Oil crisis, and the Nuclear and Solar Response'
The speakers really entered into the theme of looking backwards from an imagined 2050, and the "history" presented of the early 21st century was enjoyable and thought-provoking. More details here.

26 October 2005
'Carbon Capture and Storage: The impact on UK nuclear policy'
featured Jon Gibbins (Imperial College) on Carbon Sequestration and Mark Salisbury (President of the British Nuclear Energy Society (BNES) South East Branch) . More details here.

22 June 2005
'Energy Storage:storing electricity and coping with intermittent generation'
featured Colin Tarrant, former CTO of Urenco Power Technology and Graham Sinden of the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. More details here.

January 2005
'Energy in a Changing World'
Our launch event on 20th January 2005 was attended by more than 140 people. Our speaker, Sir David King, chief scientific advisor to the government, introduced the important context for the forum and was followed by a buffet reception and animated, sometimes vociferous, discussions.

Jan-Feb 2005
'Issues for the Cambridge Energy Forum'
We held four workshops on what the Cambridge Energy Forum should do, and how it should organise itself. We discussed priorities in understanding energy issues. More details, including full records of issues and discussions, here.

Cambridge Energy Forum holds regular speaker meetings; we use a 2-part, disputation format.

All future "energy related" meetings in Cambridge are posted at The Cambridge Network's events calendar.

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