03 February 2005

Cambridge Energy Forum - Workshops - Jan/Feb 2005

Judge Business School, Cambridge, 28th jan.2005 and 3rd Feb.2006.

Organisational and Priority Workshops

We held two workshops on Friday 28th January (1230-1400):

  • Cambridge Infrastructure, and getting effective, appropriate technologies into new build in Cambridge.

  • Innovation and new technology development and deployment in UK: universities & corporates, universities & start-ups; what can Cambridge do?

and two more on Thursday 3rd Feb. (1630-1830):

  • Economics, physics and behavioural change in energy: how can we create behavioural change without encouraging non-physical thinking, or economically stupid behaviour?

  • Cambridge, how does it join the community of energy excellence: focus, mutual support and incentives?

The notes arising from our four workshops are online. These were held after our launch event to discuss how the Forum should function. These notes also list the topics submitted by everyone registering their interest in the forum at that time.

All future "energy related" meetings in Cambridge are posted at The Cambridge Network's events calendar.

Cambridge Energy Forum holds regular speaker meetings; we use a 2-part, disputation format.

Reddie & Grose
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