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Debate: The Energy Problem
Wednesday 1st Oct 2008

This event marked the start of a 6 month exercise facilitated by the Cambridge Energy Forum to help Cambridge meet the energy challenge.

Between today and 2050, our energy supplies and our use of energy will change dramatically. Today's oil and gas supplies will not persist, and we must avoid excessive CO2 pollution in the atmosphere.

Cambridge has a rare combination of academic excellence, entrepreneurship and technical development and has an important role to play in defining and undertaking this change.

Initial speakers, who primed the debate, included:

  1. Prof. Ian Fells - chairman
  2. Candida Whitmill, lead author of a recent "devastating" energy futures report,
  3. Prof David Mackay (Cambridge)
  4. Fiona Harvey (Financial Times)
After the scene-setting, all participants contibuted questions or issues on a postcard.

In the second part of the evening, key issues were selected, and the writer of that postcard will be asked to read out their question or comment. There was an open discussion, chaired by Prof. Fells.

The transcript of the meeting is now online on our wiki where you can add your own comments and issues.

The synthesis of the discussion over the 6 months will be published on Tuesday 3rd March 2009, available as a reference to academics, policy-makers and entrepreneurs, to help bring about the change that will provide us with decarbonised energy.

If you are interested in this event, please consider becoming a member of the Cambridge Energy Forum. This will give you several additional benefits. There are additional benefits for organisations wishing to sponsor the Forum of its events.

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