Launch Report

Our launch event on 20th January 2005 was attended by more than 140 people.

The speaker, Sir David King, chief scientific advisor to the government, was introduced by Dr. Hermann Hauser, founder of Amadeus Capital Partners and a prominent member of the Cambridge business community. Sir David's talk "Energy in a Changing World" was followed by a buffet reception and animated, sometimes vociferous, discussions.


Sir David stated that the major changes that will happen in the "largest industry in the world" are likely to be very good for Britain as the UK has well-documented capability in innovation and research. His lectures on this topic are available: The Nineth Zuckerman Lecture, "The Science of Climate Change: Adapt, Mitigate or Ignore?"; "The Scientific Impact of Nations", in the journal Nature [Ref: D A King, Nature 430 (2004) 311-316, 15 July 2004]; and "Climate Change Science:Adapt, Mitigate, or Ignore?", in Science Magazine (subscription required) [Ref: Science Magazine, 9 January 2004 Vol 303].

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