1 Dec. 2006

Sustainable Energy - 1 Dec.2006

Pippard Lecture Theatre, Cavendish Laboratory, Madingley Road, Cambridge , 09:00 - 17:30.

One-Day Conference jointly organised with The Cambridge Philosophical Society and is grateful for help from the Cambridge Environemntal Initiative.

Presentations will appear on this webpage in due course and will be announced by email. Use the "Announcements" menu command above to register yourself for email announcements. if you are not already registered with the Cambridge Energy Forum.

Handout Power and Carbon Translation charts (3 pages) by David MacKay and Tim Jervis
Handouts and presentations will also be available for download here.

Our speakers were:
Professor Daniel Nocera
W. M. Keck Professor of Energy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Big Picture
Prof. Nocera's research work has been covered in the MIT Technology Review.

Mr Nick Butler
Group Vice President, Strategy and Policy Development British Petroleum
The Transition from Fossil Fuels

Dr Jon R Gibbins
Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College, London
Carbon Sequestration (3,742 kB)
See the public overview of the UK Carbon Capture and Storage programme and the full IPCC Carbon Capture and Storage report.

Professor Trevor J T Whittaker
Professor of Coastal Engineering Queen's, University of Belfast
Tide, Wave and Offshore Wind (PDF 640kB)

Mr Karl Carter
Director of Operations, British Sugar
Karl presented evidence to the House of Lords on biofuels earlier this year.

Dr William Nuttall
Course Director and Senior Lecturer in Technology Policy, Judge Institute of Management
Nuclear fission and fusion
Bill Nuttall speaks regularly on this subject in Cambridge and also made a submisison to the 2006 Energy Review on nuclear energy.

Professor Ian Fells
Emeritus Professor of Energy Conversion, University of Newcastle

Online presentations are in Adobe PDF or Microsoft PowerPoint format. You can download an open source viewer for PowerPoint files (it is the Impress application, part of Open Office, which is a large download) from www.openoffice.org. Alternatively, Microsoft make available a free PowerPoint viewer for Windows ppview.exe (2.8 MB). A reader for PDF can be downloaded from the Adobe Acrobat Reader page .

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