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New Government, New Energy Policy ?
Thursday 22nd Jul 2010

Downing College

We all want to know how the new government is going to re-prioritise the future energy programme in the UK. Within the new budget, there are still a great many options to think about. Our principle speaker is Jonathan Brearley, Director of Energy Strategy and Futures at DECC, who will talk about the UK energy policy and strategy.

Our speakers include:

  • Jonathan Brearley, Director of Energy Strategy and Futures at DECC: Dept. of Energy and Climate Change in the new government. Download presentation here.
  • Phil Grant, Senior Planner at consultants Barton Willmore. Download presentation here.
  • Guy Buckenham, EDF Energy.Download presentation here.

Downing College The meeting will follow our usual format.
It is being held in Downing College.

Programme: New Government, New Energy Policy ?
17:15 Doors open
17:20 Refreshments, coffee and tea
18:00 Introduction to the evening, upstairs in lecture theatre
19:15 Buffet meal downstairs, with wine
19:45 Open moderated discussion, and continuing buffet
21:00 event close

Jonathan Brearley will be giving a policy update from DECC - what must happen now to meet our future carbon reduction targets while ensuring supply? How have we done to date? What impact does the new government have on energy and climate change policy?

Phil Grant will be providing an update from a planners perspective of issues and changes at local, regional and national levels. Changes to the planning regime are key to rolling out new energy infrastructure. Barton Willmore are one of the top four planning consultancies in the UK, providing services to commercial and governmental clients.

Guy Buckenham will be providing a perspective from one of the 'big six' companies in the UK energy market, EDF Energy. Anticipating alterations to planning policy, pricing mechanisms, and the overall regulatory landscape, is a key function of modern energy companies. Guy will share EDFs market perspective on the new government policies.


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