Past Event

Energy Storage - 22nd June 2005

Law Faculty, West Road, Cambridge, 15:45 - 19:00.

Cambridge Energy Forum is holding its first speaker meeting in its 2-part, disputation format on 'Energy Storage: storing electricity and coping with intermittent generation'. Colin Tarrant, former CTO of Urenco Power Technology will be the main speaker, followed by Graham Sinden of the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford.

Colin will be presenting a review of electricity storage technologies, showing the competition between technologies as regards maximum power output, energy/weight and especially discharge/recharge cycle limits. He will show how problems with phase and harmonics are also addressed by energy storage, and how very local peak shaving for heavy electric motors has wider, national effects.

Graham is the author of the study that shows how to generate 20% of the UK electricity from wind and yet only require 400MW of spinning reserve by including dCHP: ' and optimize a diverse renewable energy portfolio that provides greater resource reliability and lower system variability (or intermittency). This will in turn affect key operational aspects of the electricity grid, such as backup capacity and load following capacity.'

You can download their presentations here: Energy Storage (1,742 kB) and Intermittent Generation (1,709 kB).

All future "energy related" meetings in Cambridge are posted at The Cambridge Network's events calendar.

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