Member Rules

Forum and Membership Guidelines

  • The Forum seeks sponsorship to reduce the cost to members.
  • We reserve the right to refuse applications to become a member.
  • Our sense of community should not be abused. Yes, a member should be able to look for customers and users of its energy technology or services among the members, but no, a member should not use the membership as prospects for generic non-energy-related sales efforts. There are many grey areas, and the online forum is a good place to discuss these.
  • We reserve the right to expel members, with return of 90% of their fees.
  • When an applicant organisation is classified by membership category, we will be flexible rather than applying rigid rules, e.g. a small university department would join on the same basis as a division of a larger department.
  • No Forum organiser is currently taking any salary.
  • Not all meetings will be free to members: we reserve the right to charge a meeting fee for special events.
  • All membership rates are annual except those which are explicitly 3-year memberships.
  • Membership runs from 1st May to 30th April, or 1st October to September 30th.
  • Members are considered as candidates for directorship of the Forum in future
  • Cambridge Energy Forum funds are currently administered by Cambridge Energy Limited.

In Future

  • Rules of membership are actively evolving and will become more formal.
  • Payment by cheque is, we hope, a temporary measure before we set up online systems.
  • We intend to set up a representation system similar to that of The Cambridge Network, with rotation of appointed directors from the membership.
  • In due course we intend to set up a system where one director of the Forum is elected from each class of membership.
Reddie & Grose
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