Between January 2005 and December 2010 the Cambridge Energy Forum organised about 30 meetings, including two one-day conferences, to bring together people in Cambridge who could see that "energy" in all its forms was going to be an important economic, technical and public policy issue of great importance during this century.

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The Cambridge Energy Forum is increasing communication between the technologies, economic analysts, researchers and businesses in the Greater Cambridge area.

Our mission for the Cambridge Energy Forum is to focus, coordinate and support Cambridge academic, entrepreneurial and technology capabilities as an international centre of energy expertise; and in creating processes, technologies and companies that will make a real difference to the UK's and the world's energy futures.

"The best one-day event I think I have ever been to", attendee, 1st Dec. 2006 one-day conference.

"The only place where I can meet the people I want to meet", attendee, Forum launch event.

"I am a member because I want to meet people who provide a world-class source of intellectually rigorous analysis on the complex energy issues I am bombarded with".

"I am a member because I want to mobilise the expertise around Cambridge to develop my business by locating world-class energy solutions"

The Forum is a Not For Profit organisation which exists for the benefit of its members. We are creating an expert community and we will make things happen.

We have reciprocal relationships with our colleages in Cambridge USA, at the MIT Energy Club,
and with the Cambridge University Energy Network.

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Who should join - anyone who thinks that energy is one of the widest but most important arenas for research, technology, business development and policy formulation in the 21st century; especially if you can visit Cambridge. Commercial, academic, and other interested groups are welcome, as are individuals. The more of you who join, the more value you will be to each other.
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